How do I begin an application?

Log in to the system.  Click on “My Protocols,” and click on “Create New Protocol.”

*STUDENTS* – You will be prompted to identify your faculty advisor.  Use their last name to locate the faculty member.  A drop-down menu will appear, and you should use it to select the faculty member (i.e., do not manually enter the faculty member’s name).

Is training in the protection of human subjects required?

  • Yes. All applicants (faculty, staff, & students) must upload a certificate verifying that they have completed a human subjects protection training module within the past three years.
  • You can obtain a certificate by completing the module, or submit a certificate from an equivalent training (e.g., NIH training module). The appropriate module is the “Student Research” course.
  • Upload the certificate using the PI documentation tab (in the menu on the left).
  • Note: Both the student applicant and faculty advisor must have a current certificate on file for an application to be processed.

What do I need to submit?

You must upload a certificate verifying that you completed a human subjects protection training within the past three years.

In addition to answering all of the application questions, you need to upload:

  • Any recruitment materials (e.g., a phone script, email, flyer, MTurk or SONA advertisement).
  • Consent forms (in English and the language of the participants, when English is not their first language).
  • Sample consent forms for both adults and children.
  • A complete protocol.  View the protocol template.
  • The survey instrument, if applicable.
  • The interview questions, if applicable.

How do I submit?

*STUDENTS* – Your faculty advisor will submit the application on your behalf. If you save an application while working on it, the system will automatically generate an email to the faculty advisor notifying them of your submission. Be sure to notify your faculty advisor when the application is ready for them to submit to the committee.

Faculty Advisors – Read the procedure for submitting a student’s application  (.pdf).

May I request a waiver of documentation of informed consent?

Under certain circumstances, a researcher may request a waiver of documentation of informed consent (e.g., there is a greater risk to participants for having signed consent forms linking them to the research). When an applicant requests this, the application will be processed as a full-board review.

Additional guidance concerning waivers and the circumstances under which they may be granted is available here.

Am I permitted to compensate participants?

Yes. In general, the committee views $10/hour as acceptable compensation. If a researcher wants to request a different level of compensation, an explanation of that level should be provided in the protocol.

What if I am conducting research outside of the United States?

Read a compilation of international regulations concerning the protection of human subjects.

In your protocol, you must indicate that you have researched the regulations for any countries where you plan to conduct research and outline your method for complying with those regulations.

How long does it take to process an application?

The committee makes every effort to process applications within two weeks of receipt of a complete submission.

I am about to graduate, and I want to shred paper copies of consent forms. Is this okay?

No. As noted in your approval, federal regulations mandate that hard copies of consent documents must remain on file for a period of three years. Please confer with your academic advisor concerning the secure storage of these documents.

I obtained HSRC approval for my I.S., and I am about to graduate. Is there anything I need to do?

Yes. Please complete an annual report and terminate your protocol  (.pdf).