There is no application process. Students who meet the eligibility requirements are invited to join. Only one election per year per class is held in the spring semester (usually in April). Elected students are formally admitted to the chapter only after they are initiated in a formal College of Wooster ceremony, held every year before Commencement. Only students who have registered with the national organization and paid the one-time membership dues will be initiated. The 2023 Initiation Ceremony was held the morning of Commencement on Saturday, May 13, 2023.


headshot of Emily Armour

Emily Armour


Educational Technologist: Learning & Pedagogy Applications Specialist (Educational Technology)

headshot of Missy Schen

Missy Schen

Vice President

Director of Educational Assessment (Academic Affairs) and Adjunct (Biology)

headshot of Zach Sharrow

Zach Sharrow


Director of CoRE (Libraries)

Jon Breitenbucher


Director of Educational and Emerging Technology (Educational Technology)

Members in Course

Members of the Class of 2024

Tobin Chin *
Colin Curnow *
Max Forhan *
Trinity Harmon *
Audrey Helmreich *
Kelsey Anne McEwen *
Katherine Olson *
Eddie Papp *
Gabriel Thomas *
Tyara Thompson *
Ainsley Wiesner *

The * indicates election as a junior.

Members of the Class of 2023

Edwina Akonor
Mary Elise Blair
Daniel William Bohl
Caileigh Alexandra Briggs
Harrison Clayman
Jonah Brick Freedman
Olivia Frison De Angelis
Jade M. Hoff
Isabelle Chuansi Hoover *
Kyungjoo Kim *
Seula Kim
Morgan Kromer *
Minjin Lee
Sharif Jimel-Nagee McGee *
Jennifer Teare Mynard *
Sam Powers
Kyle Nicholas Rossi *
Emma Lucia Schell
Isaac Schwartz
Zoe Elisabeth YiLing Seymore *
Ethan Andrew Sieber *
August K. Tewell
Lucy Ganley Wickham
Wenshuo Zhao

The * indicates election as a junior.

Members of the Class of 2022

Clara Becker
Katie Billetdeaux
Macy Bischoff
Abigail Breitenbucher
Mazvita Chikomo
Justin Clement
Emma Davidson
Zoe Dudack
Megan Fisher
Spencer Gaitsch
Sky Gill
Hannah Groetsch
Nick Harling
Claire Hefner
Karabella Hernandez
Adam Hinden
May Hlaing
Isabelle Hoover
Maxwell Hosler
Max Johnson
Saralee Kornstein
Morgan Kromer
HahYeon Lee
Brian Luck
Alexandra Manopoulou
Alicia McElwee
Marly McGowan
Hannah Nguyen
Bang Nguyen
Kate Read
Grace Robinson
Jenna Smith
Karen Suzue
Benton Thompson IV
Deena Williams
Maris Woldin
Megan Zins

Associate Members

College Faculty and Staff

Beatrice J. Adams, History 
Emily Armour, Educational Technology 
Kate Beutner, English 
Paul Bonvallet, Chemistry 
Jennifer Bowen, Mathematics 
Jon Breitenbucher, Educational Technology 
Laura Burch, French 
Susan Clayton, Psychology 
Tracy Cosgriff, Art History 
Claire Eager, English 
Jennifer Faust, Chemistry 
Heather Fitz Gibbon, Sociology/Anthropology 
Marian Frazier, Statistical & Data Sciences 
Mark Graham, Religious Studies 
Manon Grugel-Watson, Physics 
Kate Gullatta, APEX 
Misty Hostetler, Student Affairs 
Kent Kille, Political Science 
Matthew Krain, Political Science 
Colby Long, Mathematics 
Sharon Lynn, Biology 
Matthew Mariola, Environmental Studies 
Anne Nurse, Sociology 
Anne Ober, Wellness 
Lisa Panepento, Admissions 
Lisa Perfetti, French and Francophone Studies 
Missy Schen, Educational Assessment
Elizabeth Schiltz, Philosophy
Paul Seling, APEX
Zachary Sharrow, Libraries
Gregory Shaya, History
John Siewert, Art History
Sarah Sobeck, Chemistry
Christina Welsch, History
Mark Wilson, Earth Sciences

Affiliated Members


Daniel Bourne
Richard Figge
John Gabriele
David Gedalecia
R. Stanton Hales
Charles Hampton
Henry Herring (9/2/23)
Linda Hults
Charles Kammer
Beth Irwin Lewis ’56 (3/3/23)
Marilyn Loveless
David McConnell
Eric Moskowitz
David Powell
Elena Sokol
Claudia Thompson
Andrew Weaver
Mark Weaver


There currently is a one-time $100 fee to join Phi Beta Kappa. Kappa of Ohio collects $15 of the fee and spends $7.50 to cover the cost of the Phi Beta Kappa certificate presented during the initiation ceremony. The remaining $7.50 goes into the treasury to cover Kappa of Ohio’s annual Phi Beta Kappa prize which awards a total of $300. Financial assistance may be available for those elected students who qualify.