Auto/Bicycle Registration

The College of Wooster Office of Campus Safety is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the motor vehicle regulations on the campus. The motor vehicle regulations have been developed to maximize efficient use of existing parking areas and to create a safe and orderly environment so that all members of this community and visitors to the campus may enjoy their stay. Security personnel must enforce Federal and State laws, city ordinances, and College regulations; therefore, your cooperation is imperative and appreciated.

It is expected that No Vehicle will be parked on College of Wooster property without a valid parking permit. We have established a twenty-four-hour visitor permit system to assist in making this work. Individuals must come to the CS Office to get a permit before parking a vehicle on College property.

If you encounter any problems arising from a traffic situation or have questions concerning parking, parking citations or parking permits, please contact the CS Office at 602 E. Wayne Ave. or phone 330-263-2590. (campus extension 2590).

Definition of Terms

  • Motor Vehicle includes automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motor scooters, motor bikes, mopeds, and any other motor powered vehicle designed for land operation.
  • Student refers to all persons enrolled in a course(s) for credit.
  • Staff designates any member of the College community (other than students) who is employed by the College. The term does not include subcontracted employees (not directly employed)
  • Visitor defines any person, other than staff or student, who parks or drives a vehicle on campus. This group (visitors) includes participants in any summer programs.
  • Immobilizer describes the device placed on a vehicle’s tire to prevent the vehicle from being moved.

Vehicle Registration Requirements


Any student who wishes to drive or park a vehicle on College property must register his or her vehicle with Security & Protective Services and display a valid permit. A student may register only one vehicle. He/She must be the owner or the primary operator of that vehicle and may not register the vehicle of another student. Permits are limited to the number of spaces available on campus. Permits (including Temporary Permits) are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. At the end of each spring semester, returning students are offered the opportunity to purchase permits for the following academic year.

At the time of registration, a student must be prepared to show proof of registered ownership (copy or original of valid state registration papers) and a College of Wooster Identification Card. Registration forms and parking permits are available at the CS Office 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Registration fees are as follows:

  • Annual Parking Permit: $200 per year
  • One–semester Permit: $100
  • Weekly Permit (7 days): $10 (limit 3 weekly permits per semester)
  • Replacement Permit: $10
  • Gault School House: $150 (residents of Gault School House only)
  • Henderson Apartments: $150 (residents of Henderson only)
  • Visitor Permit (three consecutive days or less): Free 
  • NOTE: Visitors parking overnight must have a visitor permit.


All members of the staff or faculty must register any vehicle that they plan on parking or driving on Campus property. The Security Office offers the registration service free of charge to all employees of The College of Wooster. Each employee is requested to limit the number of vehicles registered to two. If a non-registered vehicle is driven to campus, a temporary permit must be obtained from the Security Office. Vehicle registrations may be completed at the Security & Protective Services Office.


Any visitor who wishes to drive or park a vehicle on campus must register the vehicle with the Safety & Security Office. Registered visitors may park for up to three consecutive days free; Registration forms and permits are available in the Security Office on a twenty-four-hour basis. A map indicating Visitor parking spaces available in designated areas throughout campus will be distributed with each Visitor permit.

Parking Permits

  • Parking permits are non-transferable.
  • Student permits must be displayed in lower left hand corner of the rear windshield of the vehicle with the permit number visible.
  • Staff and Visitor permits must be hung from the rear-view mirror.
  • Individual permit holders may park on a space available basis in the designated parking area to which their classification (student, staff, visitor) entitles them.
  • Parking permits should be removed from a vehicle before the vehicle is sold or traded-in.
  • If you are unable to purchase your desired lot area (North/South), or if your residence changes after purchasing a permit, you may exchange your permit provided that permits are still available.

Additionally, there is a waiting list that you may sign up for to obtain permits. The waiting list is also on a first-come, first-served basis. You must have already purchased a permit for the current year/semester in order to be placed on the list. Frequent violations of the Parking Rules and Regulations will result in a denial/removal from the waiting list.

Permit replacement

A lost, damaged or destroyed permit may be replaced at the CS Office for a $10 fee. Damaged permits should be returned when applying for a replacement.


Bicycles may not be stored or parked in any residence hall public area which has not been explicitly designated for bicycle storage. All bicycles should be adequately secured when not in use. For the purpose of theft protection, individuals bringing bicycles to campus are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the registration service offered by Security & Protective Services or the Wooster City Police Department. The CS Office will retain unclaimed or abandoned bicycles for three (3) months, after which time they will be donated or disposed of.


The College assumes no responsibility or liability for any vehicle or its contents while it is operated or parked on the campus. Every member of the campus community driving or parking a motor vehicle on or around the campus is responsible for knowing the State of Ohio and College of Wooster motor vehicle regulations. College regulations are as follows:

  1. No Parking Zones are indicated by signs, yellow curbs, or white or yellow lines. Emergency Vehicle Lanes, marked by yellow curbs, yellow lines and/or lettering, are also No Parking Zones. These include, but are not limited to: parking lot drives, Holden Drive, Babcock Circle, Scheide Circle, Freedlander Theater Circle, PEC Drive, and portions of Lowry Center Front Circle. Parking is also prohibited in all program house driveways.
  2. Parking or driving on the lawns or sidewalks is prohibited.
  3. Loading or unloading in designated loading zones is limited to no more than 15 minutes and the vehicle’s emergency flashers must be operating during this time. Vehicles parked in excess  of 15 minutes and/or not having their flashers working will be subject to enforcement actions. Handicapped zones and crosswalks may not be used for loading purposes.
  4. Most street parking in the area of the campus is governed by Wooster Police Department regulations. However, University Street, between Beall Ave. and Bever St. is controlled and governed by the College. Students are prohibited from parking on both the East and West segments of University Street. All community members are asked to abide by City laws and ordinances.
  5. The Memorial Walkway, Campus Mall, and walkways between Holden and Lowry, as well as the walkway between Lowry and PEC are restricted to pedestrian use, College service vehicles, and emergency vehicle traffic only.
  6. Pedestrians always have the right of way.
  7. Residential students are not permitted to drive to class. However, commuter students and those living in off-campus, non-College owned housing may drive to campus and park their vehicles in student areas. A valid permit is required.
  8. All motor vehicles operated on campus should be driven and parked responsibly.
  9. Without exception, all members of the campus community must park in the areas designated for their classification (student, staff or visitor) as indicated on the signs for each lot.

Enforcement of Motor Vehicle Regulations

Any individual who violates the motor vehicle regulations should expect to be cited. In addition to being fined, violators may have their vehicle immobilized or towed, may have parking privileges denied, and may be subject to judicial process and/or remuneration for property damage. Fines for a citation MUST be paid at the CS office within five (5) working days of issuance. If an appeal is to be filed, it also MUST be filed within five (5) working days of issuance of the citation. Unpaid fines will be billed to the individual’s account in the Business Office.

Parking violation fines are assessed in the following manner:

  • No valid permit $100
  • No parking zone/fire lane/handicap $50
  • Staff/service vehicle/visitor space $50
  • Blocking vehicles/roadway/dumpster $50
  • Parking on lawn/walkway $50
  • Occupying two spaces $25  
  • Failure to park in assigned area $25
  • Not a valid parking space $25  

The College reserves the right to revoke or deny registration and campus parking privileges for the following reasons:

  • Continued failure to abide by the regulations (chronic violations), as shown by five (5) or more parking violations accumulated during an academic year.
  • Falsification of information on registration forms.
  • Tampering with, defacing, or defrauding a parking permit.
  • Actions deemed hazardous to the safety and property of others or The College of Wooster.

Primary responsibility for a parking violation remains with the owner or permit holder of such vehicle. Therefore, violations occurring with an individual’s vehicle while driven by another may affect the owner’s parking privileges, and any fines will be billed to the owner’s account.

A student whose vehicle is chronically in violation of parking regulations or is used in an act of vandalism may also be referred to the College judicial system for disciplinary action. No refunds will be given for permits that have been revoked.


Any vehicle that inhibits traffic flow (including access for emergency and service vehicles), is parked in a no parking zone, and/or blocks a “dumpster” will be towed immediately. A vehicle may also be towed or immobilized for parking in areas other than those to which the vehicle has been assigned or for parking on lawns. In addition, towing and immobilization may be used for vehicles owned by chronic violators, for vehicles owned by individuals denied campus parking privileges, and for all vehicles not displaying a valid parking permit. Vehicles may also be towed or immobilized for other reasons deemed necessary by CS. Information on a vehicle that has been towed may be obtained by calling the CS Office, Extension 2590. The violator will be required to pay all towing expenses prior to the release of the vehicle. Owners of the vehicles that have been immobilized must come to the CS office for removal. Never attempt to move an immobilized vehicle. Attempting to move an immobilized vehicle will result in damage. All outstanding fines must be paid, in addition to the $25 removal fee prior to the immobilizer being removed.


Parking Appeal Review Committee

Because the College of Wooster is concerned with the individual rights of its community members, an appeals process has been established for parking complaints. If an individual wishes to file an appeal for a parking violation, he/she should report to the CS Office, located at 602 E. Wayne Ave., during the normal business hours. The appeal must be filed within five (5) working days of the citation being issued. The citation must accompany the appeal form. None of the fines reflected on the citation being appealed will be processed until the appeal has been reviewed and decided upon by the Parking Appeal Review Committee (PARC). The PARC decision will be final.

Parking Lots

All campus parking lots are indicated by a parking sign posted at or near the entrance to the lot. The signs clearly indicate who is permitted to park in the lots as follows:

  • North student parking lots
  • South student parking lots
  • Staff parking lots/spaces (Dark Blue)
  • Visitor parking lots/spaces (Green)
  • Service/emergency vehicle spaces (Red)

It is the permit holder’s responsibility to know where he/she is permitted to park.

If you are unable to find a parking space in your designated lot, please contact CS (330-263-2590) immediately so that they may find you a space. No open spaces in your designated lot is not an acceptable reason to park illegally. Violators will still be cited, immobilized and/or towed.