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Administrative Data Access Policy

Information maintained by the College is a vital asset that will be available to all employees who have a legitimate need for it, consistent with the College’s responsibility to preserve and protect such information by all appropriate means. The College is the owner of all administrative data; individual units or departments may have stewardship responsibilities for portions of that data.

The College expressly forbids the use of administrative data for any purposes other than those required to conduct the business of the College. Employees accessing data must observe requirements for confidentiality and privacy, must comply with protection and control procedures, and must accurately present the data in any use.

This policy is for the internal use of information for employees at The College of Wooster. External requests for information are handled in accordance with other College policies.

Administrative data access clients, including, but not limited to the Datatel User Interface may only be installed on College owned and approved machines.

Administrative data access clients may also be installed on a temporary basis on College owned classroom machines for instructional purposes.

Administrative data may only be saved to College owned and approved machines when required to conduct College Business.  Whenever possible administrative data should be stored on College provided network storage areas, rather than on a local machine.  When using a College provided network storage area is not possible, data may also be loaded on an approved, encrypted USB flash drive.  For a list of approved drives contact the Director of User Services.

Administrative data includes, but is not limited to:

  • Student information
  • Alumni Information
  • Employee information
  • Financial information

College owned and approved machines include:

  • College owned and supported network servers.
  • College owned and supported desktops and portables.

Unapproved installations include:

  • Computers purchased by employees for home use.
  • Student owned computers.
  • Lab, Classroom, or other public use computers.
    • For the purposes of loading administrative client software public use computers may be approved on a temporary basis, but administrative data still may not be saved on such machines.
  • Removable storage devices or media, except approved, encrypted USB flash drives.
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