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Affiliate Member Access & Services Request

“Affiliate members” of The College of Wooster are individuals who require access to College technology and building access services for their work on behalf of the College, but are not students or employees. Around campus, we know these individuals in their roles such as “affiliated scholars,” “volunteer coaches,” or staff of our contracted service providers (such as Creative Dining staff).

Approval for access to services requires that the affiliate member be sponsored by a College department or program and completion of the “Account and Services Request” formAuthorized affiliate accounts must be renewed annually if provided for more than one year or a long-term basis.

When the request for an account is approved, the affiliate member is issued a College of Wooster username and email address, and an ID card (if requested).  As the ID card requires a photo, the affiliate member will need to visit the campus Keys & IDs Office to obtain their card.

The following areas maintain affiliate member data in our Colleague application:

  • Facilities Management & Planning: custodial services affiliates
  • Auxiliary Operations & VPFB: dining services affiliates
  • Information Technology-Applications Development (for now): all others

The employee sponsor should provide the affiliate with the “Account and Services Request” form, which the affiliate should return to the sponsor for signature and forwarding to the appropriate area above.  The form should be used for both new affiliate services requests and renewals.

17 August 2022

Affiliate Groups at CoW

Affiliated Instructor: An individual who is an instructor in a College-affiliated program, such as Music Therapy at Baldwin Wallace University, or community members who supervise students in experiential learning opportunities, such as medical personnel from the Wooster Community Hospital who support the Community Healthcare Seminar and oversee the Community Healthcare Practicum.

Affiliated Scholar: An individual who has been approved by the Provost to affiliate with an academic department or program on campus. Provisions for Affiliated Scholars are detailed in the Faculty Handbook (Chapter 10, C, 1).

Athletics Affiliate: An individual who is recognized by Wooster’s Athletics Department as an individual who will provide unpaid services necessary for Athletics programs support (e.g., volunteer coaches).

Cleveland Clinic Affiliate:  An individual who is employed through the Cleveland Clinic to provide medical and health services to Wooster students.

Creative Dining Affiliate: An individual who is employed through Creative Dining to provide dining and catering services to the College community.

IT Affiliate:  Information Technology contractors and/or vendors who have an established, on-going relationship with the College to deliver information technology services in support of their application(s) or under contract for services based on a statement of work.

Scioto Affiliate: An individual who is employed through Scioto Services to provide custodial services to the College community.

Sponsored Program Affiliate: An individual who is working on campus, usually with College faculty members on research pursuant to a sponsored program, project, contract, or grant, but is not employed by the College.

Supervising Teacher Affiliate: An individual who is employed by a K-12 school district who volunteers to work with Wooster students or who is participating in training/education on campus.

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