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Atlona controlled classrooms

The following spaces have been updated to include Atlona touch panel controls and video switchers. If you are teaching in one of these spaces, take a look at the Atlona Controls page for a quick look at the system. Please note that the Atlona controlled classrooms do not offer VGA connections. If you are unsure of the connections your device has, please contact the helpdesk. helpdesk@wooster.edu

Ebert 223
Kauke Hall 036
Kauke Hall 135
Kauke Hall 136
Kauke Hall 137
Kauke Hall 141
Kauke Hall 142
Kauke Hall 143
Kauke Hall 235
Kauke Hall 237
Kauke Hall 238
Kauke Hall 242
Kauke Hall 243
Kauke Hall 244
Kauke Hall 305
Lean Lecture Room
Morgan Hall 105
Morgan Hall 217
Morgan Hall 307
Scovel Hall 216
Severance Hall 135
Taylor Hall 104
Taylor Hall 200
Taylor Hall 206
Taylor Hall 210
Williams Hall 260
Wishart Hall 102
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