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Canon Vixia Video Camera

The Canon Vixia HF R400 video camera Genuine Canon HD Video Lens with 53x Advanced Zoom and SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization  can record in 1080p. For best results, an SD card is recommended, as without one you will need to use a USB connected to a computer to transfer the files off of the camera and on to your machine.

We currently have 3 Canon Vixias ready to be loaned out!

How To…

Charge the Battery

Make sure that your camera is in off mode. Locate the DC in Port on the right of the camcorder’s battery. Find your AC adapter cord in the camcorder bag you were provided with. Connect the AC cord to a wall socket. Insert the DC plug and the camera will begin charging.

Insert an SD Card

Open up the camera’s preview panel. On the left there will be many buttons. The SD card is located inside of a flap on the right-most side of camera after opening it, just as pictured above. Pull the flap towards you. If there is no item inside, then the camera’s SD card is missing. If there is an item inside, it is the SD card. To remove the SD card, gently push forward on the SD card and then remove pressure. The SD should slide right out. To put the SD card back inside the camera, put it into this same slot and then push forward until you hear a light “click” and the SD card is firmly locked into place properly.

NOTE: Only insert SD Cards.

Record a Video

First, make sure that the power supply is on. Then, press the record button, located just by the back end of the handstrap. While recording you can use the T and W toggles on the top of the camera to zoom in and out. To stop recording press the Record button again.

Use More Advanced Options

To access more advanced options you can press the Menu or Quick Menu buttons while in camera mode. By pressing the Menu button, the LCD screen will give you a list of options. To navigate through the options use the up and down arrows to highlight an option and press the OK/Photo key to select it. Some of these options include Visual Effects such as Art, Mosaic, Sepia, Negative, and Mirror, which might be helpful for your shooting. Also located on the left side of the camcorder are other options. For example, holding the Play/Pause during shooting will cause the screen to fade in and out. For a complete list of shooting options refer to the User Manual.

Playback Videos on the Camera

Press the [|>] button located underneath the On/Off button in order to enter playback mode for the camera. The Camera needs to be on for this to work. 

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