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Epson BrightLink interactive projectors

What is it?

The Epson BrightLink projector is a short-throw interactive projector.  The projector is mounted on the wall and the lamp is less than three feet from the wall so that a person does not cast a shadow on the image. The image is projected onto the wall or a whiteboard. Two interactive pens allow the user to draw with digital ink to annotate over an image or onto a digital whiteboard.

The 595wi model is an ultra short-throw which means it is mounted less than two feet from the wall. The 595wi also features touch-based interactivity where a user can use a finger for interactivity – in fact up to 8 contact points allows several people to interact with the content at the same time.

Epson has over 60% of the interactive projector business in the U.S. and the BrightLink 595wi was rated at the 2015-16 Best in Classroom Interactive Projector from ProjectorReviews.com Epson BrightLink 595Wi Receives Best in Classroom, Interactive Projector Award from ProjectorReviews.com

Designed to be used in conjunction with BrightLink projectors, Easy Interactive Tools software gives users access to create multimedia content and the tools to edit, save and share that content.

Key features
  • Versatile whiteboarding space for content creation.
  • Ability write, draw, and create shapes and tables
  • Interactive pens can write over any projected image (computer desktop, document camera, Apple TV. . .)
  • Ability to capture the screen to save work for use in later instructional sessions.
Who uses it?

Epson BrightLink projectors are designed for use by instructors and presenters to annotate video, computer applications, web pages, notes, pdfs, and more for a dynamic learning experience. Users may also utilize the digital pens to write class discussion or meeting notes in whiteboard mode.

How does it work?

The Epson BrightLink projector is an ultra-short-throw interactive projector.  “Ultra-short-throw” means the projector is mounted on the wall and the lamp is less than two feet from the wall so that a person does not cast a shadow on the image. The image is projected onto the wall or a whiteboard. The projector is interactive because it features a camera that tracks the movement of the pens which feature IR tips.

The user is presented with a blank whiteboard space that may be used for virtually any media-driven purpose. Basic tools include virtual pens, shape creation utilities, and the ability to insert images.

Easy Interactive Tools software enables users to create multi-page interactive documents and presentations by dragging content and pages between the whiteboarding space and the tabs without leaving the application.

Uses as an Instructional Technology

As a replacement for a traditional blackboard
  • Instructors can use Epson BrightLink projectors to create a ‘digital blackboard’ that allows them to introduce media into instructional sessions and save work for later.
For annotating presentations and lectures
  • Users can write or make notes directly onto any Powerpoint presentation, Word document, or most other common instructional software to call attention to specific passages or points. Windows computer users can save annotations directly into Word or PowerPoint documents by leveraging the Table Input utility.
For providing digital copies of a lecture to students
  • Easy Interactive Tools software can save any work during an instructional session as a PDF, image file, or .eit file that may be distributed to students for their reference.

Resources at Wooster

  • Epson BrightLink projectors are available in several classrooms and conference rooms on campus.
  • Educational Technology provides training and support for Epson BrightLink projectors.


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