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Garage Band's Logo. A guitar resting in front of a brown amplifier.

Garage Band is an audio editing software available on Apple’s App store for Macintosh computers. It has a variety of features to fit the needs of various audio projects from short recordings to elaborate multi-track projects to incorporate audio to other sources. 

What can it do?

  • Live recordings with the computer microphone or connected micrphone
  • Editing audio recorded from a sound studio, MP3 file, or other resources
  • Mixing multiple tracks various audio sources
  • Filters and tools to improve sound quality
  • Special audio effects
  • Export to WAV and MP3 file formats
Garage band's software interface.
Garage Band’s software interface.

Uses in a Course

  • Record and edit a podcast episode for a class project
  • Record a narration or introduction 
  • Create audio review materials
  • Edit raw interview recordings to create a polished final product
  • Digitizing cassettes or CD audio to share as course materials 
  • Combine multiple recordings to create a singular audio file


  • GarageBand is available on the CoRE and Digital Studio Macintosh computers in Andrews Library. 

Additional Help

  • Student Technology Assistants are available to help at the Digital Media Bar in Andrews Library in the CoRE.
  • CoRE Consultants can help in the sound studio at the Digital Studio in Andrews Library.
  • Educational Technology can assist in recording, editing, and publishing audio in Garage Band. 
  • Apple has official documentation on Garage Band.
  • The Garage Band Guide’s YouTube channel has a playlist dedicated for beginners to reference for specific topics.
    The content on this page was derived from webpages maintained by the Duke University Center for Instructional Technology

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