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GoPro Hero 8 Black

See GoPro Kit for extras included with this camera.

Image of a GoPro

Changing Battery or Inserting a Micro SD Card

Image of battery and SD card placement

Turning the GoPro On and Taking Pictures/Videos

Image of power button and video/still image mode button.

Press and hold power button to turn the camera off

The GoPro can be used with or without the app download

You only need to connect to the app if you plan on controlling the GoPro remotely

Controlling the GoPro with your mobile device

Download the app from your devices mobile app storeĀ 

Turn the GoPro ON

Image of the power button
  •  Slide your finger from the upper left hand corner of the GoPro screen down and select “Preferences”
Image of the menu preference screen on the GoPro
  •  Select “Connections”
Image of the Preference menu
  •  Select  “Connect Device”
Image of the connections menu on the GoPro
  •  Select “GoPro App”
Image of the Connect Device menu
  •  Leave the camera on and follow the instructions on your mobile device
Image of the GoPro app connection

GoPro app

  • The screen gives you instructions for your GoPro
1.Select “Continue”
2.Select “I Agree”
3.Select “No Thanks”
4.Select “Not Now”
5.Select “Next”
6.Select “Next”
7.Select “Connect GoPro”
8.Select “Add a Camera”
9.Select “Connect Camera”
10.Select “Leave as”
11.Select “Let’s Go”
12.Select “Try It”
 13.Select “Enable Preview”
14. Select “Continue”
 15.Select “Join”

Turn off preview

Select “Turn OFF Preview”
  • Select “Turn Off Preview”

Turn Off GoPro from app

Select the power button in theupper righthand corner
Select “Power Off”
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