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Guest Wireless Acceptable Use Policy

Users of The College of Wooster’s Guest Wireless Service, COWGuest, agree to the following:

All guest wireless users require sponsorship from an approved member of the College community. All users must sign and adhere to the acceptable use policy. All users will be given temporary login and password to access the guest wireless service. No user shall use the guest wireless network in such a way as to interfere with the ability of others to access network resources. No user will attempt to penetrate the security of any campus communications network or computer system. No technology resource will be used for an unsanctioned commercial purpose.


Data transmitted over a wireless network can be easily intercepted. For this reason it is critically important to implement security measures in conjunction with any use of wireless network access. These security measures should include authentication and strong data. Users are encouraged to use an encrypted VPN connection to access personal data.

Sharing Files and Accessing Information of the World Wide Web:

The College of Wooster supports the free exchange of information and ideas facilitated by sharing computer files over the college network and the Internet. Any copyrighted material must be accompanied by the appropriate permission from the owner. Without the appropriate permission the account owner can experience the following: asked to immediately remove the material; material removed by Information Technology personnel; criminal prosecution.


Many software systems are designed to collect usage information and to log user activity. The college routinely aggregates the data stored in these log files for analytical purposes. In general, the college makes no attempt to extract from the logs data regarding the activity of individual users. The college does, however, reserve the right to do so.

Policy Enforcement:

All users of The College of Wooster’s Guest Wireless network are responsible for understanding the principles set forth above. Alleged violations of the acceptable use policy will be investigated. Users found to have violated any provision of the policy will be subject to disciplinary action. Such action could include, but may not be limited to, loss of access to College technology resources.

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