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Installing SALT Windows

Download the Software Installer

  1. Open the team site where the installer is located by clicking HERE
  2. Hover over the file WinSALT20.msi until the ellipsis appears, click the ellipsis, and select Download
  3. Navigate to your “Downloads” folder and locate the WinSALT20 file. 
  4. Double click the file to begin installation  
  5. Click “Next” on the welcome screen 
  6. Accept the license agreement and click “Next” 
  7. Do not change the default “Destination Folder”, Click “Next” 
  8. Select “Complete” and click “Next” 
  9. Click “Next” to install the software 
  10. If you are asked to allow the installer to make changes click “Yes” 
  11. Select “Run SALT 20” and click finish 
  12. Fill out the activation form using your information and “APS64-X0K00-R3E8S-E8G2X-381AB-RB8SP” as the product key. 

Trouble Shooting

If you get to Step 7 and a window pops up asking if you would like to Modify, Return to previous window, or Cancel select Modify and continue on with the steps. After you receive the window stating that SALT has been successfully installed exit out and restart your machine. 

SALT may not load an icon onto your desktop. You may need to look in your applications to find it and then drag it to your desktop.

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