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Keynote Toolbar Items

Main Toolbar for Keynote overview.

Views Menu

This menu has options for how you can view the main screen in Keynote.

Guides Menu

This menu will show various straight-edge guides for you to use while you are laying out your slides.

Themes Menu

This menu will change the theme that you chose after opening Keynote. You can change the theme at any time in your project. 

Masters Menu

This menu provides a list of templates you can apply to specific pages as you create your presentation. 

Shapes Menu

This menu allows you to create different shapes on your presentation slides. 

Table Menu

When you click on the table menu, an editable table opens as well as the table palette. The table palette allows you to customize the look and contents of your table.

Charts Menu

This table provides different charts that you can put into your presentation. 

Comment Menu

This button allows you to put “sticky notes” onto slides. This can be handy for documenting changes that you have made or want to make to a slide. 

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