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Lowry 144

How to Guide

To Turn ON the TV/Monitor

  • Pull the remote gently off the side of the TV/Monitor
  • On the upper part of the remote push the RED power button

Using an Apple Product (Screen Mirroring/Airplay)

  • Search for Lowry 144
  • If prompted for a code, enter the one that appears on the TV/Monitor

Using a PC Wirelessly

  • Push the Windows button and the K key at the same time. The Windows key is between the fn and alt keys on your keyboard.
  • The TV/Monitor (AU8000 75 TV) will pop up in the corner of your laptop screen. Click on it.
  • **If this is your first time connecting the TV/Monitor will ask for permission on its screen. Using the TV/Monitor remote push enter.
  • When finished push the Windows and K key again to disconnect.

Using an HDMI Cable Connection

  • Get the available HDMI cable from the front desk of Lowry
  • Plug the HDMI cable into your laptop or dongle and the wall plate.
  • The TV/Monitor will automatically switch to the appropriate input.
  • ****USB-C does not currently function

Using Teams in this space

  • Get the available HDMI cable from the front desk of Lowry
  • Attach the HDMI cable to your device or dongle and the wall plate.
  • ***Using Teams and Airplay/Screen Mirroring is NOT recommended
  • Launch Teams and make sure in settings that the camera and microphone are switched to PolyCom Studio Audio and Video
  • Begin using Teams
  • Turn OFF the TV/Monitor after use with the RED power button
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