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McGaw Chapel

Atlona rooms How To:

Atlona is the manufacturer of the system installed in this room. Its Touch Panel looks like this. 

Power Projector On/Off:

This classroom has a touch panel that controls the projector. To power on just hit the green button on the touch panel that says power on. The red off button will turn off the projector

Wired Projection: HDMI or USB C. Plug your device into one of these cables to display on the projector. The cables are on the podium and also in the sound booth. The image will switch automatically when you plug in with any wired connection. It will take a few seconds for the image to appear. 

Wireless projection: Is not available in McGaw

Projector Screens Up/Down: 

The projector screen has a control back stage.

Source Select

The switcher will recognize when you plug in a new wired connection via HDMI or USB C. If you are using multiple devices and want to switch, press the blue sources button and it will give you a list of the different inputs you can switch to.  

Volume Control 

Audio control is controlled at the sound board

Camera System

Please see the tutorial on the BlackMagic system

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