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Meet on the go, Grab a KIT

GoPro Kit

Includes: GoPro Camera, Micro SD, GoPro Head Strap + Quickclip, GoPro Shorty Mini Extension Pole + Tripod, GoPro Dual Battery Charger + Battery, and GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp

GoPro Kits are a good kit to have when looking for something simple to operate with great image quality. I would recommend this camera for lab use as it self focuses and there is not much interaction needed once it is set. You could even mount it on your head if you would like, so your students can experience the experiments first hand from your vantage point. Capable of live streaming with the downloaded app and USB cord.

Portable Classroom Kit

Includes: Canon Vixia HF R800 Camcorder, USB Video Capture Device, Magnus Photo/Video Tripod, Portable USB 3.0 Card Reader, Sensei Optics Care & Cleaning Kit, SD Card, Watson AC/DC Compact Charger, and Watson Li-ion Battery Pack

You will find these kits strategically placed throughout the campus. We recommend using these in the provided space with documentation. They are excellent for online learning with in class participation. The kit is capable of live streaming to Teams with USB hook up.

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