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Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the supported email client at the College of Wooster. Microsoft Outlook is included with Microsoft Office as a part of the college’s license agreement and is included for download as part of the Office suite for any member of the college community. 

Web App vs Desktop Client

There are two ways that you can access email on a computer:

Each application has its own pros and cons:

Outlook Online Web Portal

  • Can be used from any computer, even those in public.
  • Can be used without installing the desktop client. 
  • You can easily see your school OneDrive account and all of its contents through this interface.
  • Not every browser supports the web portal on every operating system. Those who use Google Chrome on a Windows Operating System, for instance, may experience difficulties with connecting to the email web portal.

Outlook Desktop Client

  • Can be opened from your desktop without needing an internet browser open
  • Has a sleeker interface, with more options for those who want to sort how their email appears.
  • Has an option to automatically log you in without needing to type in your password.
  • Does not have as easy access to SharePoint, spaces, or OneDrive. 

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