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Online Learning/Streaming Classroom Remote

Camera Remote

If the image appears inverted when using Camera 1 select *,#,9 on the remote to correct the orientation. 

1) Selecting a Camera

You are provided with 2 camera options in classrooms equipped with this technology.

Camera 1 is always the board or front-of-room camera and Camera 2 is always the classroom camera, both cameras are clearly labeled in technology available classrooms.

The “Camera Select” section of the remote is as pictured.

Each Camera has existing presets available on the remote or can be controlled manually.

Camera Presets: (Do Not Clear Presets)

Camera 1

1) Teaching Station

2) Projector Screen

3) Teaching Station and projector screen wide view

4) Middle Board 

Camera 2

1) Wide View of Classroom

2) Left Side of Room

3) Right Side of Room

4) Front of Room

Camera Manual Control:

When you are facing the camera, the left is right, and the right is left on the controls, but if you are facing away from the cameras the controls are correct.

You are also capable of changing the Focus and Zoom on the Cameras and this can be done by selecting Manual and then using the arrows as pictured.

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