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Overhead Document Cameras

Document Cameras are digital video cameras with a bed or tray to place media on for projection purposes in a classroom setting. They are similar in function to overhead projectors, but with greatly improved capabilities such as zooming in or out, adjustable light levels (ideal for slides), and various viewing angles (ideal for three-dimensional objects).

What can it do?

  • Similar to a overhead projector
  • Zoom functions
  • Backlight for slides and transparencies
  • Show 3 dimensional media from various angles
  • Adjustable lighting

Uses in a Course

  • Present articles, magazines, art, slides etc
  • Zoom in on specific passages or work to focus and promote student engagement
  • Show 3D media from multiple angles

Things to Consider Before Using a Document Camera


  • Most academic buildings have document cameras available.

Additional Help

  • Educational Technology can provide support and training on document cameras.

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