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Projector Troubleshooting

Projector Will Not Turn ON

  • Press the OFF button and count to 30 now press the ON and count to 30.
    • If projector powers up continue with normal connection and setup
    • If not, call (330)287-4357

No Image/Picture on Screen

  • Is there a blue screen or blank?
    • Push the Blank OFF or Cancel
  • There is no image or light coming from the lens
    • Push “ON” again and listen for the beep
    • If no beep, call (330)287-4357
  • Does the room have a rack?
    • Is it turned OFF?
      • No, select a different input and switch back to the original input
        • No change, call (330)287-4357
      • Yes, turn the rack ON and wait for the image

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