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Scan to USB

  1. Insert your USB flash disk into the USB flash disk port on the left side of the control panel.
  2. Press the [Scanner] key. 
    “Loading…” appears on the display. Wait until the display changes to show the following screen (the duration depends on your USB flash disk).
  3. Select to “Store File” then “Memory Device”.
  4. Place the original on the exposure glass or in the ADF.
  5. Press the [Start] key.
    Respond to the appropriate prompts.
  6. Press [1] or [2] according to the desired file format.
    Respond to the appropriate prompts.
  7. If you have more originals to scan, place the next original on the exposure glass, and then press [1]. Repeat this step until all originals are scanned.
  8. When all originals have been scanned, press [2] to start sending the scanned file.
  9. Confirm that “Ready” appears on the display.
    The scanned file is created in the root directory of the USB flash disk.
  10. Set “Store File” to “HDD” or you will get a red status light to check the copier.
  11. Remove the USB flash disk from the machine.
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