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Scovel 216

How To:


Wired Projection: HDMI or VGA

– Plug your device in using a dongle or direct connect

Wireless Projection: Apple TV allows you to project wirelessly through Airplay or Screen Mirroring.

Document Camera: Select DOC CAM on the touch panel and place paper or object under the camera mounted in the ceiling

Mounted Cameras: Plug camera USB into your computer and select the appropriate settings in Teams

Power Projector ON/OFF

Press the ON button on the control panel to turn the projector ON. To turn the projector OFF, press the OFF button.

Source Select

Press the HDMI button to display your computer that is hooked up through the courtesy HDMI port. Or use VGA for your old laptop. There is no Mac in the room.

To display through Apple TV, press the Apple TV button.

Volume Control

To turn the volume up in the classroom, turn the knob clockwise.

To turn the volume down, turn the knob counterclockwise.

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