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Screen Mirroring/Airplay/Miracast Issues and Possible solutions

There are several factors that can cause Screen Mirroring/Airplay/Miracast to be wonky.

  • When was the laptop last restarted? Joel recommends at least once a week
  • Is your Bluetooth turned on? Bluetooth acts as a beacon for the system to see the laptop
  • Has the previous faculty member turned off their screen mirroring? If not, you will not see the room pop up as an option
  • It is always so much better to hardwire into the system. That said, there is a known issue with MacBook’s and USB-C connections, so, use a dongle and the HDMI if possible.
  • Are the sleep settings on the laptop turned? Many times, the laptop just goes to sleep and therefore the wireless connection is lost.
  • Wireless projection and HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) will not play well together. If you are trying to play a video from YouTube or Hulu or Netflix the HDCP kicks in. You will get a blank/blue/green screen and maybe just hear audio. Hardwire!
  • Is your laptop up to date? Older operating systems will not play well. Before updating your OS, please contact IT.
  • Try turning your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off for a moment and then back on if the room does not pop up. You may need to do that a few times.

So, in general, Screen Mirroring/Airplay/Miracast stinks. Hardwire.

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