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Tabletop Document Cameras

Tabletop Document Cameras are digital video cameras mounted into a ceiling with a workspace below them to place media or objects on for projection purposes in a classroom setting. They are similar in function to overhead projectors, but with greatly improved capabilities such as zooming in or out, adjustable light levels (ideal for slides), and an easily controlled focus.

What can it do?

  • Same functions as an overhead projector
  • Zoom function

Uses in a Course

  • Show articles or archived materials
  • Zoom in to a specific section of work to increase student engagement
  • Demonstrating a process or technique such as painting, sculpting, or a step in a lab

Things to consider before using a Document Camera

  • Consider using the Epson BrightLinks or Airplay from Apple TV if you want to show your tablet or computer screen
  • Invest in a stylus for your tablet or utilize the drawing functions of the Epson BrightLinks to draw directly on your screen


  • Tabletop document cameras are available to borrow through Technology Services

Additional Help

  • Educational Technology can provide training and support on tabletop document cameras.
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