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Windows Story Remix

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Windows Story Remix is a new feature in Photos for Windows 10, replacing Windows Movie Mixer that Microsoft discontinued in 2017. It has a video editor with music, filters, transitions, and 3D effects. The workflow allows for you to organize or storyboard your media with drag and drop features that many can use easily.

What can it do?

  • Create dynamic movies with phone footage
  • Customize movies with transitions, filters, music, and 3D effects
  • Draw on a photo with Windows Ink
  • Import your own audio for more customized videos
Windows Story Remix's Interface
Windows Story Remix’s Interface

Uses in a Course

  • Editing or creating clips to view
  • Creating student short videos for a project
  • Digitizing classroom footage
  • Digital storytelling projects
  • Animating 3D models interacting with live action footage


  • Windows Photo and Story Remix are preinstalled on all Windows PCs
  • Windows Photo and Story Remix are on all PCs in the CoRE

Additional Help

  • Student Technology Assistants are available to help at the Digital Media Bar in Andrews Library in the CoRE
  • CoRE Consultants are available to help in the Digital Studio in Andrews Library
  • Microsoft has a beginner’s guide on getting started in Story Remix

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