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Wishart 101 How to Guide

January 6, 2023 

Turn on the system by pushing the ON button. The projector will turn on and the screen will come down. The ON button will turn RED. 

Pushing the OFF button will shut the projector OFF and put the screen UP. The OFF button will turn RED. 

To display your device/laptop using a wired connection, push the HDMI button. If you have a laptop with an HDMI output, simply insert the HDMI cable that is lying beside the podium into your HDMI output on your laptop. If your laptop does not have an HDMI output, you will need an adaptor(dongle) to plug into the cable. Your MacBook should have come with one if it is a College device.  

To display your device/laptop wirelessly, select WIRELESS. With your Apple device, select SCREEN MIRRORING and find Wishart 101. You may be prompted for a CODE. That code is at the bottom of the screen. Input that code and moments later your device should pop up on screen. When finished with your wireless presentation please select STOP MIRRORING on your device. We currently do not have the capability of wireless with your Windows device. We are working on it.  

This room has a DOCUMENT camera located in the podium drawer. Select the DOC CAM button. It will turn RED. Turn on the doc cam (we call it a LadyBug) by holding down the power button for a few seconds.  

If you want to mute the audio and video, select the BLANK ON/OFF button. It will also turn RED when in use.  

To adjust the volume, use the volume knob.  

Remember to turn the projector OFF when finished with your class. BUT do not turn off the rack please. 

If you have tech issues call 330-287-4357.  

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