The Environmental Geoscience major and the Geology major share a set of foundational core courses, followed by a selection of advanced courses in ESCI or cross-listed disciplines that allow students to pursue their interests and goals. The majors have sufficient overlap so that students can start taking classes without immediately choosing between them.

Environmental Geoscience Major

The Environmental Geoscience major is an environmental science that emphasizes Earth surface processes. Students who complete the Environmental Geoscience major will be prepared for the expansive breadth of careers and opportunities related to environmental science issues such as groundwater remediation and soil science.

Environmental Geoscience Major – Catalogue information

Geology Major

The Geology major is a more traditional Earth science curriculum that prepares students for a variety of geoscience careers in fields ranging from paleontology and natural disasters to energy and natural resources.

Geology Major – Catalogue information

Earth Sciences Minor

The Earth Sciences minor consists of six courses.