Community Auditors

For the 2021-2022 Spring Semester, community members will be able to return to campus to take courses. As with our traditional Wooster students, all community auditors will be required to be fully vaccinated before the start of the fall semester. Please see the Campus Guide for information about reporting your vaccination to the school and any future campus updates.

The College of Wooster provides the opportunity for local residents to audit one course each semester at no cost. The purpose of this program is to provide the opportunity for the continued growth and development of community members, strengthen the relationships between the community and the College, and enrich the learning environment at the College.

Community members must reside in Wayne county to be eligible to audit classes. An individual must complete a brief application and be accepted as an auditor at the College. Once approved, auditors will be given a College email address for communication with professors and college staff. The costs of all materials and textbooks are the responsibility of the auditor. No college credit will be awarded for audited courses. The application form needs to be completed each semester, but the assigned email address will remain the same.

A Special Registration form needs to be submitted to the registrar’s office. There must be room in the class after all current students have registered, the professor’s continued approval is required, and the Dean for Curriculum and Academic Engagement’s continued approval is required. This form must be received by the end of the first week of classes. If the form is not received, the auditor will not be registered for the semester.

Individuals are responsible for knowing and abiding by all polices and procedures outlined in The College of Wooster Catalogue and the policies in The Scot’s Key .