Scot’s Key

The Scot’s Key provides valuable information for your experience at the College of Wooster. Each link, provided in drop drown menus on the right of the screen, provides essential information you need to optimize your student experience. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the services offered by the College.  The College of Wooster provides you with a plethora of opportunities to learn from people whose life experiences, values, and beliefs will differ from your own.  This rich environment affords you the opportunity to examine your personal beliefs, develop new interests and skills and become prepared to participate in an everchanging society.

As a community that values academic success and personal wellbeing, it is important we set standards that promote a safe and healthy atmosphere conducive to learning. The first section of the Key provides valuable information about the applicability and jurisdiction of policies, our statement of non-discrimination and important contact information.  The second and third sections of the Key provide information about campus procedures and resources.  This section discusses things like the campus care team, student accounts, privacy, accommodations, and wellness.  In the third section, students can access important safety and emergency response information.  The fourth and fifth section of the Key highlight selected academic procedures and policies. 

The next three sections of the Scot’s Key outline various policies, regulations, and guidelines developed by the college to ensure an environment that furthers opportunities for intellectual and personal development while protecting individual freedoms.  The policies, regulations, and guidelines are categorized into three sections: policies related to one’s safety and wellbeing, then respect for the community, and finally, policies related to the functioning and property of the College. The policies, regulations, and guidelines protect the welfare of the community.  Therefore, students are expected to read and abide by the policies outlined in the Scot’s Key.  

The tenth section is where you will find information related to the conduct resolution process.  Finally, the eleventh section details the constitution of Scot’s Council, the student governing body of the College.

The faculty, students, and staff who have worked to create this publication are proud of our community.  We hope you will utilize the important information contained herein to become a contributing member of the vibrant, intellectually stimulating, and socially connected community at The College of Wooster.