Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities seeks to create an environment of respect for others, ethical judgment, and accountability to allow students to become leaders of character and influence. It is important to instill the values and the policies of the College community and to further students’ knowledge about the expectations of behaviors that are appropriate in an educational and global community.

The Scot’s Key

As part of the Wooster experience, students are expected to follow policies and guidelines found in The Scot’s Key. The Key is rooted firmly in the core values articulated by the Wooster Ethic and based on the premise that each student should act with unconditional respect toward other person and their property.

What we can do for you?

Students are encouraged to contact the Dean of Students Office any time they have questions and/or concerns about policies or procedures or if you have experienced something that has impacted your connection to the College. We want our community to be inclusive and welcoming and sometimes the College will need to respond to facilitate a conflict resolution. We will provide support and guidance for College response and offer options for resolution. You are also encouraged to submit a report with our direct report form or learn about other types of incidents and how to report at our Get Help page.

Student Rights & Responsibilities resources