Conduct Process Resources

The Process Timeline 

The College of Wooster is committed to resolving complaints in a timely manner. Depending on the complexities of each individual situation, some timelines may vary.

Hearing Types

Administrative Hearings: Held one-on-one with a student conduct officer to determine responsibility.
Learn more about the Administrative Hearing Process (.pdf)

Hearing Panel: Hearing Panels are comprised of a faculty member, staff member, and student representative (in most cases). Panels are typically used for Bias-related cases, Title IX cases, and other high-level cases. Learn more about Hearing Panels (.pdf)

Filing Appeals

Students have the right to appeal the outcome of a student conduct hearing. In some cases where there are multiple parties involved, the responding and complaining party may have the opportunity to appeal the decision. The appeal is not meant to rehear or reargue the same case and is limited to the grounds found in The Scot’s Key. To file an appeal, complete the online form.