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Apple iOS (iPhone) Connect to Network

  1. Connect to the Start Here wireless network in Settings.
  2. Open a browser using Safari. You will then be directed to an onboarding page where you should select the first option. If the page does not load automatically go to onboard.wooster.edu
  3. Register Your Device by logging in with your Username and Password
  4. Click Install Certificate.
  5. Click ALLOW.
  6. Return to Settings
  7. Once Settings opens go to General then VPN & Device Management
Click through the CPPM Cert to install it.
Click on Install and then select Trust. Once you get to done, you can return to Safari web browser.

8. Once you return to Safari select Install Profile and Allow

9. Return to Settings

10. Select Settings. You should already be at VPN & Device Management. Select Device Enrollment.

11. Click through Device Enrollment to install it.

12. You may be prompted to enter your passcode (This code is individual to your phone and was set by you)

13. This is what should appear on Safari the browser when the process is complete.

14. Now return to settings and Wi-Fi, Select Wi-Fi, Select Start Here and then Select Forget This Network

15. After Start Here has been FORGOTTEN return to the Wi-Fi men and select The College of Wooster

You will not automatically connect to The College of Wooster network when on campus.

With iOS 13.6 and higher you will need to complete these additional steps

  1. Go to Settings on your Home Screen
  2. Select General from the Settings Menu
  3. From the General Menu select About
  4. Scroll Down to Certificate Trust Settings and select
  5. Slide Both Certificates to Green
  6. When you toggle the certificate trust GREEN a widow will pop-up offering a warning select Continue
  7. You are now free to use the Wi-Fi

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