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Mac Computer Connect to Network (for students)

*For the onboarding process please use Safari*

**Users need to be updated to 10.14 before connecting to the new network


1. First, connect to the Start Here wireless network and then open Safari. It may directly connect you to onboard.wooster.edu; if not, go there now. Once the page opens you will be prompted with 4 choices. Select the first one: “I am a member of the college community (student, faculty, staff, alumnus, or trustee) and I would like to connect to the Internet”.

Onboarding window will prompt you with 4 options, select option 1: “I am a member of the college community (student, faculty, staff, alumnus, or trustee) and would like to connect to the Internet.”

2. When prompted, enter your Wooster credentials and click Log In.  Your username is everything before the “@wooster.edu” in your email address. For the email address jstudent26@wooster.edu, the username would be jstudent26.

ClearPass page with Register Your Device
After you login with your Wooster credentials, you will be prompted to Install Certificates. Click Install Certificates.

3. After the file has finished downloading, open it from the Downloads folder. Click the install on the top right corner and fill in your computer credentials and wait for the certificate to be verified. 

**Make sure you are adding this certificate to your Login Keychain

4. Go back to your browser and you will immediately see the next required download, the Profile. Click on Install Profile which will lead to an identical process of verification as the certificate install. (On newer versions of macOS, you may need to go into Settings to manually select and review the configuration profile. Enter “profile” into the search bar, and the relevent page should be the first result.)

ClearPass page with Install Profile button
Once you finish the Certificate download and install, return to the browser and select Install Profile.

5. Once the Device Enrollment is listed as Verified in green, you may exit the Profiles or minimize it.

6. After the profile is downloaded and installed, go back to Safari. The webpage will transition from the Waiting for a device enrollment request screen to the webpage that says Finished.

Forgetting Start Here

  1. You will now need to manually connect to The College of Wooster in the list of available networks. 
  2. Open System Preferences (under the apple menu) and select Network.
  3. With Wi-Fi selected in the left frame, go to the Network Name and select The College of Wooster from the pull-down.
  4. Then select the Advanced button to access more settings.
  5. In the Advanced settings in the Wi-Fi tab, select the Start Here network and then click the minus sign to remove it from your list of Preferred Networks.
  6. Then highlight The College of Wooster and use the arrows to move it to the top of the list and click OK. This will ensure that you will automatically connect to the network when you are on campus.
  7. Then click Apply in the Network settings and make sure that your computer is connected to The College of Wooster network.
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