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Apple TV/Airplay Troubleshooting

CANNOT see the room provided in the Airplay list.

  • Can a student see the room?
    • Yes, restart your device
      • Restarted and still can’t see room
        • Turn Wifi OFF and ON, on your device
        • Note you may need to repeat the above step multiple times
    • Still can’t see the room hardwire into the wall panel and let IT know after class so we can assist you in fixing your computer.
      Email: helpdesk@wooster.edu
    • You can see the room, Great!
  • No one can see the room
    • Call IT (330)287-4357

***If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to try the above hardwire your device to the wall and continue with class, but call (330)287-4357 or email helpdesk@wooster.edu so we can resolve the issue for the next user.

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