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Basic how to guide for the Wilson Governance room

Power for your laptop is next to the input wall plate. It is a good idea to adjust your sleep settings to NEVER for your presentation. 

Using the TOUCH PANEL that is on the cabinet, turn on just the projectors you will need. If the PANEL has the HOME SCREEN button showing, push that first. 

With the projectors on, select what input you need. The default is BYOD or wireless. Screen Mirroring for your Apple product or Miracast for your PC laptop. Follow the directions on the screen. If you are having a Teams meeting or showing videos, it is best to wire in your device. 

You will find both a USBC and HDMI cable on the cabinet. Plug into your laptop the cable and select INPUT 1 under the projector you are using. It may take a moment for the system to sync up.  

Volume control is done from your laptop as the volume sliders on the TOUCH PANEL are not functioning. Yet.  

When you are done presenting, please turn off the system using ROOM OFF, or each projector off.  

DO NOT GET INTO THE CABINET. There is a high voltage force field engaged. It may cause harm to you. 

If a microphone is needed, you will need to contact someone at the Scot Center.  

How to use TEAMS here in the Governance Room 

Microsoft TEAMS is recommended and supported by the College of Wooster.  

There has been a new system installed in August 2023. It has its own separate touch panel.

Again, volume adjustment must be done on your laptop and within the TEAMS settings.   

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