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User Guide for Gault Recital Hall


Sound Booth:

To turn the system on:

You will need to individually turn on the necessary amplifiers.

All amplifier settings in the rack should be left alone.

Rack Equipment:

From left to right, top to bottom.

The Chauvet light system is specialty lighting and rarely used.

The Toshiba DVD/VCR is also rarely used.

The Extron scaler is always left on. Generally, the LECTERN PC button is lit up. If you want to use a laptop from the sound booth you grab one of the cables dangling off to the left and plug in. Input 3 is HDMI and input 4 is USB-C. Please push LECTERN PC when you are finished!!

The 4 Shure boxes are the receivers for the wireless microphones. To turn them on you must press and hold for a moment.

The mics are all located in the stage podium black drawer in front.

The top Crown amp is the House amp. This one powers the two speakers that are stage left and stage right. Output is controlled by the faders labeled L & R.

The next Crown amp powers the Large middle speaker in the ceiling.

The NEXIA stays on and is the processing unit.

Stage monitor amp – Powers the stage monitors that also plug into the panels labeled TFP-5, TFP-2 and TFP-1. These are rarely used for normal presentations.

Studio Monitor amp powers the JBL speakers located left and right of the mixing board.

On Stage:

Plugging in the Podium

Wall plate TFP-2 is located stage right. It has 6 microphone inputs, an Intercom input (not used), Monitor and Speaker Speakon jacks, Control and Video inputs that the Podium plugs into. Gently plug in the blue network cable into Video, plug the microphone cable into input 3 labeled PODIUM (this will be the gooseneck mic). The remaining plug goes gently into the jack labeled CONTROL. Then plug in the power cord.

Let’s turn on the Projector!

On the white control panel on the podium push the ON button. That will turn the projector on and drop the screen. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE BACK STAGE DOORS ARE CLOSED BEFORE PUSHING ON!!

There are currently hook ups for laptops with HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA.

Plug in the proper cable. You will need an adaptor if the laptop has USB-C.

Now head up to the booth to turn on the sound from the laptop. It comes in pretty hot, so the fader is generally below 0. And that will depend on the output from the laptop.

Brief description of the Yamaha sound board.

On the back right side is the power toggle. Normally we just leave the board on, but if it is off just toggle the switch on.

All sliders are labeled correctly. Inputs 1 through 4 are the wireless microphones.

Input 5 is the podium gooseneck.

Input 17/18 is the AUX cord used to play audio from a phone or laptop.

Input 19/20 is audio from the scaler which sends audio from the laptop on the podium or back in the booth.

The only controls that are used will be the volume sliders corresponding to each microphone channel.

When a microphone channel is to be used push the clear square button above the slider and that clear button will light up. That channel is now UNMUTED.

At the very top of the mixer is the input gain control for each channel. Really there is no reason to change that.

All other knobs should be left alone.

In the right middle under the model number is a button labeled PHANTOM +48v. That should be red and left on. It sends power to the podium gooseneck microphone.

After the performance/lecture/movie is finished, please MUTE all channels. You need not zero out the sliders.

Shut down the equipment in the reverse order you turned them on. Always turn the amps off first.

Try to reset the board as you found it.

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