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Encrypting Mobile Devices & Tablets

Information Technology requires that all users who access College information on mobile devices or tablets encrypt the devices and allow Wooster to erase the device if is lost or stolen. Please locate the directions for your device below. 


iOS ensures a high level of protection for apps that interact with corporate data by encrypting each file with a 256-bit key, and the entire system can quickly be erased using remote wipe. Apps use this file-level encryption method by default such as Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Reminders, iBooks, iMessage, and all App Store and custom in-house apps 

  1. Set a passcode for the device
    Settings -> General -> Passcode
  2. Choose a passcode.  A length of 8 characters with a mixture of upper, lower letters and digits is recommended.  
  1. To get started, go to Settings > Security > Encryption > Encrypt Phone
  2. Choose “Set Screen Lock Type” at the bottom
  3. Choose Password (* High Security *)
  4. Enter a password. A length of 8 characters with a mixture of upper, lower letters and digits is recommended.
  5. Choose “Hide all notifications”
  6. Choose encrypt phone.  Pay attention to the warning about battery life and time.  It could take several hours, so please complete while your device is charging.
  7. Your entire device will be encrypted at this point and cannot be unlocked without using the password you set.

If you need assistance, or have any questions, please contact IT.

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