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Getting to know Microsoft Teams

Join a Teams call

Teams meeting join now
Image of Teams meeting with Join now

Device Settings

Device Settings within a Teams Call

Teams Meeting More Actions
Image of the control bar within Teams indicating the 3 dots
Teams Meetings Device Settings
Image of the menu produced after clicking the 3 dots and then selecting the device settings

Select settings for your microphone, speaker, and camera

Make sure the settings match the microphone, speaker, and camera you wish to use.

Teams meeting Device Settings microphone, speaker, and camera
Image of the Device Settings menu

Getting to know the toolbar within Teams


Teams toolbar
Image of the Toolbar within Teams

Participant Tool

This allows you to see participants and add people to the meeting. Organizers can manage permissions and take attendance in the more actions sections.

Teams particaptiants tool and menu for more actions with participants
Image of the Participants feature within a Teams meeting

Chat Tool

Allows you to send text-based messages and ask questions while others present or communicate. You also have the options to attach files or send an emoji.

Teams Chat Tool
Image of the Chat feature within a Teams meeting

Raise Hand Tool

This allows you to show you have a question without disrupting the whole presentation. To raise your hand, simply click on the icon; click the icon to lower it once your question has been answered.

Teams Raise Hand Tool
Image of the Raise hand feature within Teams

More Options

This provides access to Device settings, Meeting notes, Meeting details, how your meeting is viewed, change your background, Turn on live captions, Start recording, provide a dial pad to call phone numbers directly and even turn off incoming video.

Teams More Actions
Image of the 3 dots to expand features
Teams More Actions Menu
Image of the expanded menu within Teams once the 3 dots are selected

Camera Control

Click to turn your camera on and off.

Teams Camera Control
Image of the camera feature within Teams

Microphone Control

Click to turn your microphone on and off

Teams Microphone Control
Image of the Microphone feature within Teams

Share Content

This allows you to share your Desktop, a Window, PowerPoint, Browse to share other files, or the Whiteboard

Teams Share Content
Image of the Share Content feature within Teams

Click on the item you want to share in the meeting.

Teams Content Share Window
Image of the Share Content menu within Teams


Simple click Leave when you would like to leave a meeting that is still in progres

Leaving Teams
Image of the leave feature within Teams

Leave Dropdown Menu
The meeting organizer has the options to Leave the meeting or End the meeting for all participants.

Leaving Teams Dropdown Menu
Image of the Leave extended menu within Teams
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