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Pages for Students


Pages is a page layout and word processing application included in Apple’s iWork package. It is a great tool for creating documents such as brochures, flyers and posters, but can also be used for small publications.

Pages Tools

Views and Layout

Under the View Menu you’ll find several helpful options for working with your project Layout:

Styles Drawer – Displays Paragraph, Character and List Styles in a sidebar.
Page Thumbnails – Displays thumbnails of each page of your project.
Layout – Displays outlines for all page components
Rulers – Displays Rulers along the top and left side of your page
Invisibles – Shows Paragraph, Column and Page Breaks in your project.
Zoom – Allows you to zoom in or out or fit the page onto your screen  


The Toolbar at the top of the window contains several common tools.

View – Common View Menu functions such as showing or hiding the Styles Drawer, Page Thumbnails, Layout, Rulers and Invisibles.
Pages – Allows you to add pages to your project or view existing pages.
Columns – Allows you to format your page with columns
Style – Displays or Hides the Styles Drawer and allows selection of text styles.
Objects – Allows you to insert Shapes, Text Boxes, Graphs and Charts
Comment – Allows you make a comment about a page section that appears to the side.
Inspector – Shows/Hides the Inspector Window that contains many useful tools
Media – Allows you to add media from you computer to your project.
Adjust – Allows you to adjust brightness, contrast and other settings for your project.
Colors – A color palette for elements of your project.
Fonts – Allows you to choose font styles and colors for elements of your project. 


The Inspector window contains tools for many elements in your project.

Below is a labeled image of the tools on the inspector toolbar.

Online Resources


Create a New Project with a Template

Pages Templates Window

  1. Open Pages using the  icon. A Template window will appear. Choose the template category from the list on the left side of the window and the style from the thumbnails on the right. Once you’ve selected a template, click the “Choose” button in the lower right corner.
  2. To replace an image, simply delete it and insert a new one. To delete an image, select it and press delete. To insert a new image, drag it into your project from its folder or select “Choose” from the Insert Menu and navigate to the image.
  3. To replace text, click on the text section to highlight it. Press delete to delete the text or start typing your text.

Create a New Project without a Template

Page Setup

  1. From the File Menu, select “Page Setup”, the page setup window will appear.
  2. Choose a paper size from the Paper size menu and select the portrait or landscape orientation from the Orientation list.

Customize Sizes

For custom sizes, choose “Manage Custom Sizes” from the Paper size menu. For a new custom size, click on the + button in the lower left portion of the window. An “Untitled” bar will appear in the list on the left side of the window. Double click on “Untitled” to assign a name to your custom size. Enter the width and Height in the boxes at the upper right corner of the window and enter your margin settings. Click “OK” to return to the Page Setup Window. Choose the page orientation from the Orientation list and click OK.

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