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Room Assignments File Format

Room assignments can be loaded into Colleague given a file of room assignments. To do this, create an Excel spreadsheet with the following columns, filling in the needed data for each room assignment:

  • Person ID – ID of the person being given the room assignment. It does not need to be zero padded, the program will fix this if needed.
  • Term 1 – Term of the room assignment, ie. 1617FA
  • Term 2 – Optional second term of the room assignment, ie. 1617SP
  • Start date of assignment (optional, for summer only)
  • End date of assignment (optional, for summer only)
  • Building – 3 letter building code for the room assignment
  • Room – Room for the assignment. The program should fix any missing leading zeros if Excel removes them.
  • Rate – 3 letter code for the rate (may be left blank – non-blank invalid rate codes will produce an error and the room will not be created)

Example: 1048662,1617FA,1617SP,,,MGN,401,DBL

Once complete, save the file as a csv (comma separated values) and send it to IT for import.

Note: Since summer housing dates vary from student to student, these dates for each student should be included in the start and end date columns as noted above. If students have multiple stays, they may be put on multiple lines with the appropriate date range on each. Assignments are automatically split if they span June 30/July 1 so that they may be billed separately.

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