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Safe Exam Browser – Moodle

Have you been introduced to the Safe Exam Browser through Moodle? If so, you may have some questions.

How can I download the Safe Exam Browser?

Use this link to access the download – https://safeexambrowser.org/download_en.html
The faculty member may provide a link for download within their Moodle course. Make sure to select the download for your machine.

What should I do if Safe Exam Browser fails to download?

  • Check to see if your machine has any updates (Mac OS of Mojave or higher)
  • Clear browser cache and cookies
  • After doing the above activities restart your machine
  • Shut down other applications during the download

What should I do if I have MFA issues during this process?

  • Restart your machine
  • Download the Multi-Factor Authentication app (instructions available here)

As a faculty member how can I make this experience better?

  • Offer trial exams using the Safe Exam Browser – 2 or 3 days before the actual exam
  • Inform the students that Safe Exam Browser needs to be downloaded
  • Be available to answer questions during trail exam – this can help prevent issues during the actual exam period.

What should I do if I have tried the above suggestions and am still experiencing issues?

Contact Information Technology:

  • Email: helpdesk@wooster.edu
  • Phone: (330)287-4357
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