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Sound Troubleshooting


NO Sound

Using AirPlay/Wireless Connection
  • Check setting on your device to make sure it is set to Airplay and Wireless speakers
    • Connected to the correct output and still no sound
      • Turn up the volume on the wall/podium plate
      • Can now hear audio, Great!
      • Still NO sound, hardwire to the wall plate/podium and change output
      • Still nothing, call the Helpdesk (330)287-4357
Using a wired connection
  • Check the output setting on your selected audio file, i.e., HDMI/USB-C
    • Settings are correct and still NO sound
    • Adjust the room volume on touch panel/wallplate
    • Change browser, if necessary, as some browser may block certain audio after a time.
    • Still nothing, call the Helpdesk (330)287-4357

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