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Sponsor a Guest on the Network


The College of Wooster offers two ways for guests to connect to the internet.  Visitors can receive access to basic, family-friendly websites such as access to email services, Facebook, YouTube, travel booking services, etc, simply by connecting to the Start Here network.  Once a browser is launched, visitors will be redirected to a College of Wooster landing page and can select Option 3 to connect.  A username and password are not required to access the internet using this method.  More information about how to connect can be found here.

A second option is available for Guests who may need access to College resources on the network and all content on the internet. Guests can be sponsored by a member of the College of Wooster faculty and staff.  In this case, the sponsor of the guest will need to generate a user id and password.

How to sponsor a guest account:
  1. Faculty and Staff:  visit the website: https://clearpass.wooster.edu ( VPN use required if you’re doing this from off-campus)
  2. Enter your Wooster username and password.
  3. Select Create a New Guest Account.
  4. Enter the guest’s information and set an account expiration.  Select, “Create Account when finished.”
  5. The next window will display the guest credentials. Your guest can log in by connecting to the Start Here network and selecting the option “I have been given guest credentials.” and connecting from there. For step-by-step instruction please send your guest here.
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