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Staff Analog Quick Reference

These directions are based off of the premise that you have a pass code for your voice mailbox.

Operator Lift handset and dial “0”.
Extension Lift handset and dial 4 digit extension number.
External Local Lift handset and dial 9 plus 330 and the number.
Emergency 911 Lift handset and dial 911.
First Time Use Dial 3200 from your phone, enter your * and your extension and * sample *2378*, when prompted enter temp. passcode which is the same # as your extension.
From your phone Lift handset, dial 3200 then enter your Passcode when prompted.
From another phone on campus
(that has its own VM box)
Lift handset and dial 3200. Wait to hear “Hello & User’s Name”. Press * your extension number * sample *2378*, when prompted enter your Passcode.
From outside the Campus Dial the Voicemail phone number (330-287-3200) Press * and immediately enter your mailbox number and * again. Enter your Passcode when prompted.


The Pass code for your voicemail box is initially the same # as your extension and must be changed when you enter your mailbox for the first time. There is a short tutorial that will play when you access your voicemail the first time. It is very important that you listen to, and complete the 3 minute tutorial before you hang-up. The three items that the tutorial covers which you will need to complete are:

  1. Setting your Passcode
  2. Recording your Name and extension number for the Directory (So callers will know who they are calling when they dial your extension and your voicemail answers when you are not there to answer) for example John Doe ext. 1111.
  3. Recording your voicemail greeting (Callers will hear this and then a beep prompting them to leave a message).
  4. You will know that you have completed the tutorial when the tutorial instructor indicates “You have completed your voicemail box setup and are now ready to use your new voicemail box”.

Transferring a call

  1. Ask the caller to wait.
  2. Press the Hook Flash.
  3. Dial the extension number where you want the call transferred.
  4. Hang up.

Placing a call on hold

  1. Ask the party to wait.
  2. Dial *104.
  3. Hang up.

Retrieving a call on hold

  1. Lift the handset.
  2. Dial #104.
  3. You are connected to the holding caller.


When entering your mailbox, the system will first tell you how many messages you have (“You have 2 urgent messages and 4 unplayed messages”). If you have any Urgent messages they will begin playing, otherwise Press the 7 key to hear your messages. You then have the following options:

  • Press D (3) key to discard the message.
  • Press K (5) key to keep the message.
  • Press G (4) key to give the message to another user.
  • Press P (7) key to play the message again.
  • Press A (2) key to answer a subscribers message.
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