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Microsoft Stream

Stream is the College’s video streaming service that is included in the Microsoft 365 suite. To access Stream you will need to log in online through Office 365 with your College credentials. Stream videos are only viewable by College users; they are not able to be shared with the public.


Issue to AddressPossible Solutions
Upload videosSee Upload to Stream and Share to Groups video or Stream Basics below
Share my videoSee Sharing Videos below or Upload to Stream and Share to Groups video
Set permissions to watchSee Who Can See My Videos? below
Make my videos accessibleSee Transcripts below for information about accessibility
Converting Stream Caption Files to Readable Text
Create a screen recording See Screen Recording below and page 14 of our Stream documentation
Use Stream Mobile AppSee Stream App and page 10 of our documentation.
Add a Stream Tab to a Class TeamSee Add Stream Tab to Class Team Video

Stream Basics

Sharing Videos

Stream does not offer a share link such as “anyone with the link can view.” The share link only works if the video’s Permissions have been set to allow access.

Who Can See My Videos?

Uploaded a video

  • to a class group in Stream: all members of the class group can see it under My content > Groups > Class Name
    Screenshot of a group page in Stream

Teams meeting recordings

Recorded Teams meetings are now stored in OneDrive or SharePoint. Meeting recordings are no longer stored in Stream.

*For Meetings recorded before Fall 2021*

  • Recorded a Teams meeting scheduled to a Teams channel:
    • all members of the Team can see the video in the Team channel and in Stream
    • if in the class group: in Stream, go My content > Groups
      Screenshot showing Stream menu highlighting finding Groups
  • Recorded a Teams meeting scheduled to a meeting in Outlook/Teams calendar (but not in a Teams channel):
    • only the people invited to the meeting as required or optional will be able to see the meeting in Stream.
    • Search by the name of the person who clicked Record. From Stream, go Discover > People > enter name of owner/recorder.

Watch our video to see how to add a link to your class Stream group in Moodle or your Team.

Groups and Stream


Add a survey or quiz to a Stream video

You can add a Microsoft Form (survey or quiz) to a video at a specific time stamp.

Screen Recording

Features include:

  • Record directly from Stream
  • Record up to 15 minutes
  • Use your webcam for picture-in-picture while screen recording
  • Use your microphone to record your narrations
  • No extra software needed

Learn more on creating a screen recording from Microsoft and page 14 of our Stream documentation.

Screen Recorder works on the following browsers:

Other limitations:

  • Recording system audio is available only on Windows, not macOS
  • Including the camera in the recording is available only when recording the entire screen, not when recording an application window or browser tab.
  • Screen recordings are limited to a maximum length of 15 minutes. For longer content, break up your video into shorter segments.

Stream App

Stream is available for iOS (11 or newer) and Android (5.0 or newer). You can stream videos, record yourself, and upload videos directly from your smartphone or tablet. For more information on the Stream app visit page 10 of our documentation and Microsoft support.

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