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Wireless Networking Policy

Wireless is a technology that allows users’ computers to connect to the campus network without the use of a network cable. In order to connect to the network in this fashion, computers must be equipped with a wireless network adapter. Also, there must be a wireless access point within range of the wireless network adapter. This access point must be physically connected to the campus network.


Data transmitted over a wireless network can be easily intercepted. For this reason it is critically important to implement strong security measures in conjunction with any implementation of wireless network access. These security measures should include authentication and strong data encryption.


Wireless network access will be implemented on campus by the Office of Information Technology. This implementation will incorporate the necessary security measures to protect the data traversing the network from unauthorized access. No one outside the Office of Information Technology is permitted to attach wireless access points to the campus network. If unauthorized wireless access points are discovered, the Office of Information Technology may take the following actions:

  • request that the wireless access point be disconnected from the campus network
  • disable the network port to which the access point is connected
  • confiscate the access point
  • submit the matter for judicial or vice-presidential review
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