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Wooster’s External Email Alert Indicators

External Email Alert indicators to alert users of emails from non-Wooster sources 

We tag emails originating from outside the College with “[EXT]” in the subject line.  We do this so you can quickly and easily identify potential phishing emails.  

As you know, people fall for phishing schemes, which are always malicious. That’s what’s happened when we send “IT Alert: Active Phishing” notices. 

We’re required to provide awareness training, prevention measures, and to conduct phish-testing. Phish-testing involves our sending fake phishing emails and gathering data about numbers of clicks on faux-malicious links. The data is then used to refine our educational outreach.    

The [EXT] tag doesn’t mean that an email is unsafe. Do you recognize the sender? If not, be cautious of attachments and links in the message.  

Note that some College departments use outside email services to send messages; these will be tagged as “external” emails. 

Learn more about phishing and how to spot a phishing email and Internet and email safety 

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