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WordPress (Blogs) for Classroom and Personal use

The College hosts a WordPress multi-site called Voices where faculty and students can create accounts and sites.

Creating a Voices Account and a Site

You have two choices:

  1. (Not recommended for students) Use your College username and password (your Voices password will change when your College Office 365/Outlook email password changes). Your posts will be associated with your username and be discoverable on Google.
  2. (Not recommended for Faculty) Create a separate Voices account so that your username and password are not connected to your College credentials (and your password doesn’t change). Your username does not have to have any association with your name, which allows some anonymity from your writing be associated with you on Google.

To use your College username and password for your Voices account and create a site

  1. Go to https://voices.wooster.edu/
  2. Click the “Log in” link in the upper left corner on the toolbar.
  3. Login with your College username and password. Your Voices account is synced with your Wooster credentials and your password will change when your Wooster Office 365/Outlook password changes.
  4. In the upper left corner, click “My Sites.”
  5. Click the “Add New” button. 
WordPress Dashboard “My Sites” Add New
  1. Enter information for the following fields:
    • Site Domain: The text you type in this box will be the Site URL followed by “voices.wooster.edu” to act as the web address for your site. For example, if  “mycourse” were typed into this box, the address for your site would be https://mycourse.voices.wooster.edu.
    • Site Title: This is the name of your site and will be displayed at the top of your site pages. It can be changed later along with a tagline.
    • Privacy: I would like my site to appear in search engines, and in public listings around this site: It’s a good idea to have search engines index your site. This helps protect you by archiving your work in case a severe issue with your site occurs.  If privacy is a must, then check “No”.
    • Select a template: If you are creating a course site, consider selecting a Course template. If you plan to import a course, choose the template the old site used.
  2. Once you have completed these steps, click “Create Site.”
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