A contract is a legally binding agreement between two (2) or more parties, one of which must be the College or any of its subunits, intended to have legally binding effect. It may take the form of a purchase order, expenditure authorization, letter of agreement, correspondence on College letterhead or e-mail, or a written document prepared by either the College or the other party. Oral agreements are not permitted and will not be recognized or honored by the College.

The following ethics should be adhered to when entering into a contract: to give first consideration to the objectives of the College, to strive to obtain the best value, to maintain a relationship that is above reproach with each vendor, and to adhere to the College’s nondiscrimination policies.


The Office of Procurement and Contracts is part of the Finance and Business Division. We are committed to supporting the educational mission of the College by providing excellent customer service, guidance, and information regarding basic purchasing guidelines in accordance with Federal, State, and College rules and regulations..

The Office of Procurement and Contracts is responsible for campus-wide agreements, standard purchase requisitions and orders, payment card services, vendor sourcing, consortium bidding, and other purchasing services.

The purpose of procurement procedures is to protect the College, the vendor, and the employee.