Work Requests—Info and Guidelines

Maintenance Emergencies

  • Report all emergencies by calling Facilities Management at 330-263-2135 during regular business hours (weekdays from 7:30 am to 4:00pm) otherwise, call Campus Safety at 330-263-2590.

Repairs and service requests that are not handled via work requests to Facilities:
§ Telephone/cable/tv/computer/data/network connections and hardware (i.e. equipment, jacks, wired lines, etc.) problems are reported to IT at x4357
§ Washer and dryer problems are reported to CSC via the 1-800 on the unit.

Using iServiceDesk

For all non-emergency maintenance and repair requests and service requests:

Submit a work request at the

  • First, select the fields from the dropdown menus, in the following order: select the facility, then the building, then the room/area of the work to be performed. (It won’t save if not entered in this order).
  • Once you use iServiceDesk, your name, email and phone will remain in those fields (unless you clear the computer’s cache)
  • For all requests, please describe in detail, the maintenance or service support needs for that location.
  • If the iServiceDesk “area” descriptions are incorrect or missing, please include a note in your request so that Facilities can update the database (i. e. if you select Room 100 and it defines it as a bedroom when really it is a common room).
  • By submitting a work requests for a space, you authorize the Facilities Management technician and/or manager to enter (unless otherwise indicated that the occupant would like to be present). If the occupant is to be present, include their full name, college email, and telephone number in the description of your request. Facilities Management staff will not enter student residential rooms before 9:00am or after 4:00pm unless for emergencies.
  • When requesting maintenance or service to specialized department-owned equipment and/or assigned spaces please provide an account number.

Helpful Tips and Reminders

Event Support:

All events must be submitted in 25Live. Please use the Requirements section on the Event Wizard to choose the services that apply to your event. The requests you make in 25Live for Facilities will be sent directly to the appropriate person so you do not need to call or email them or enter a work order.

Service-related Requests:

Facilities will assist with planned service-related tasks to departments and auxiliaries, such as:

  • Moving/delivering/removing office items.
    • Installing/modifying/servicing departmental furnishings and specialized equipment (includes furniture, bookshelves, pictures/plaques, nameplates, etc)
    • Service requests will often require varying degrees of scheduling/planning, and will typically utilize account lines provided by the requesting department/organization.
    • From the dropdown menus, select the location (facility>building>area). Provide the account line for any material costs. In the notes, specify the services to be scheduled and any required completion dates.

Personal Items:

  • Facilities does not keep a “lost and found” nor do we store items.

Mulitple Tasks Needed:

  • Multiple tasks needed in one location can be noted on one work request; a Facilities Rep will route the resulting work order(s) to the appropriate department.

Student Room Furniture:

  • Facilities cannot remove furniture assigned to student residential spaces, and students cannot relocate furniture within suites/corridors/buildings/etc. Any assigned items missing from their location, from furniture to recycling bins, will be considered missing inventory and will be reported to Residential Life so replacement costs can be charged to the resident(s).

Custodial Support:

  • In residential halls, we clean general lounges, hallways, public restrooms, and trash and recycling rooms. Facilities Management does not clean in student bedrooms, private baths, kitchens, etc., for the duration of residency, except certain areas over college breaks as specified in the residential contract. Ra’s can directly contact building custodians for toilet paper for private bathrooms. Custodians can also directly assist with problems with the vacuum cleaner supplied to Ra’s, and with special requests for other items (brooms, dustpans, various cleaning supplies). Students in houses may also visit the Storeroom at the Service Center for housing supplies.